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Sunday, May 14, 2006

hey everybody .. looks like the summer heat is catchin up big time .. and its a real pain to be out during the daytime .. as we prepare all set for the great summer venture .. which is hardly days away now .. the music scene keeps goin in its own way ..

The latest attraction which has me hooked on to it is Podcasting ..

Thanks to GCast now i would be able to upload all the music for fellow music lovers, ranging from classical to rock to jazz and world fusion and js bout everythin ..

This is really amazin guys .. try out GCast .. its like hosting ur own radio ..

There are several others who offer the same thing .. but the bufferin and steps to create a space in GCast is so easy .. So chk it out ppl


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

holla folks .. fellow bloggers .. net buddies .. blog watchers .. a big "HI" again to everyone ..

feels like ive jus got out of hibernation .. cant imagine 4 monce since ma last post ..

as the engg comes to a close .. wid our final year project gettin completed as well ..
for programmin enthusiasts chk out our demo at

neways .. its bak and kickin again .. with much more .. thts rite .. ur stop at pkharry s blog ..

get prepared watch some action out here .. happening once again ..