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Thursday, December 29, 2005

My Dear BOSS ..

I had been thinking about it for months .. and finally the day arrived .. yeah .. my dear BOSS arrived .. direct from sunnyvale , out of the aircraft into the taxi and she got home safely ..

thats rite i had my hands on the BOSS GT -6 which i was planning to possess for months ..
Its truly amazing the sound , the variety , the effects , it really was and still is the best processor ( GT - 8 has taken over now) ..

It adds a new dimension to my music , be it the mandolin or the guitar there is always something new when i plug it into the GT-6. Its had me hooked onto it right from the time i got it and ive been learning something or the other on how to use it ..

Everday there is something which i have not seen before, its just an ocean inside.

Soon i would be on stage accompanied by the Boss and im sure its going to be great fun ..

BOSS Rulez!!!


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