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Friday, December 30, 2005

"The year gone by ; The one ahead.."

The bustling traffic at 11-45 , the crowd on beach road , restaurants running big business , parties on the beach house , the happening pubs n discs , the parties at the friends place , and not to forget the police mama checking you in the middle of the night .. that would be the scene in our singara chennai tonight .. never can be the same right? ..

And everyone must be making big plans for the day .. err .. night rather, as to where to go , what to do ( hav fun wat els?), whom to meet , and what not .. As you do this, it doesnt take a lot to look back at the good times 2005 had to offer to us .. and plan for the new year ahead ..

Well 2005 sadly, would be remembered for all the wrong reasons and calamities as it begun with the tsunami , the london blasts which were not comparable to the innumerable blasts in india, the hurricanes , katrina , rita and then our own cyclonic versions the baaz , fanoos , who can forget the mumbai floods .. or the earthquakes that wrecked havoc right from sumatra to northern asia .. and the list would go on ..

But we have to give something to 2005 which did give us a lot to smile about ..

personally it was a year full of interesting happenings ..

It started of with my new guitar that got in for christmas and my first guitar performance came its way.. though the saarang experience was not lucky .. Then followed a series of shows and culturals with playing in several competitions .. winning a few .. not to forget the trip to calicut which was loads of fun .. thanks to our college ..

At the same time there was lots of things happening on the cricket front with winning the trophy at RMK after a long time and some good wins in the college side .. not to forget my knock at chepauk for my club .. i just missed my century by a whisker ..

Then came the mandolin concert on the night of Shiva ratri .. never before had i played a concert at 2 AM in the morning .. groovy huh? And then the usual summer time with the ever forgettable semester exams .. followed by a month long holidays which was nothing like before , making trips to bangalore , mumbai , goa , karnataka enroute guruvayoor to the smell of jackfruits and kozha puttu .. the longest drive we had in a long time ; goa to coimbatore .. phew reall long ..

Amidst all this ,before my summer holiday trip .. i had done something which was the best part of 2005 .. i got my new mandolin which was designed by yours truly, with the help of Tulsi and it was simply a great feeling to play an instrument which had been made with a lot of care and personally designed as well ..

Back home it was time for final year .. and well 2nd day of college ,CTS gives me a job .. hmm not a bad start to the academic year huh .. As final year began, we were having a hilarious time in the lectures with funnier lecturers in college .. The meetings with HOD quite often saying attendance low , no OD .. and his ethics lessons .. experiences of a lifetime ..

And the arrival of BOSS gt-6 not to forget .. (previous posts)

That followed by the offers from mumbai to perform , which unfortunately got postponed due to the rains .. still cant forget the rains bringing the house down with water all over , inside , outside , everywhere and worst of all going to college that day for the practicals .. The last few months were not that great though due to other reasons .. and then came the series of rains ..

I think it was the first time we ever had exams spread over three months .. its still not over with 1 more left .. damn .. however thanks to the rains another trip to mumbai , goa and bangalore came its way .. it was even better this time ..

As the new year dawns .. there is lot more that has happened this year and its a great feeling to look back at the good times you have had ..

And as u make your resolution for the new year .. i would rather ask some one to make a resolution 'to keep their resolution' .. as 9 out of 10 times .. by the end of january people dunt remember their resolution ..

Im sure 2006 is going to be a great year for everyone of us .. my plans for the new year are simple .. final sem .. one gets all the time in the world to do what one wants to do .. So im sure i would be into atending a lot of concerts , the chennai open .. to start off .. the final year project warrants some effort .. and then the daily yoga (wat say arun?), more time with my mandolin, working on new projects and recordings, work on the classical guitaring , more jazz music and overall enjoy the new year ..

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new 2006 ..

cheers pk


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